New Medical Marijuana Legislation Project

Very Rough Draft

Need Input and Volunteers

As we all know (and some of us tried to warn them) that the states medical marijuana “roll over” plan didn’t work out so well. In fact, less than .05% of the total marijuana sales for Q3 and Q4 were for card holders. There are many reasons for the failure, and what we hope to accomplish is to write a new bill that addresses those issues. And the good news is the State will actually benefit with this proposal. More about this later. 

Here are the key points we hope to achieve:

Make it less burdensome for medical practitioners to give recommendations if the total number of marijuana patients represent less than half of their total patients. We don’t want to go back to the drive-by authorizations of the previous system.

Either don’t require patients to be in a database, or guarantee that the database cannot be accessed or disclosed to third parties.

Require all medical products to be pesticide tested. But unlike the old system, only one test per harvest will be required, therefor keeping the additional cost to the grower to a minimum. Under the old system (that we foolishly tried to supply) my pesticide tests were running $2000+ a harvest. Under this plan it would be around $300.

Unless someone can come up with pesticide action levels for concentrates, or a way to remove them, we propose that if the product used to create the concentrate passed insecticides, then the concentrate is automatically exempt from further testing. Patients want concentrate, and under the current system they must be tested after extraction, and no one has come up with action levels for concentrates, and my lab guys say we may never solve this problem.

Finally, there are groups out there who want to eliminate the excise tax for card holders. This will never happen. As soon as you utter the words “eliminate tax” the discussion stops. We propose a 10% tax for card holders. Estimates are ranging from $20M to $45M additional revenue to the state that they are not getting now. That’s how we sell it.

If you would like to be added to our email list for updates and comments, send your email (and phone please) to We need help. We have sponsors who will put the final touches on the bill, but we need to provide as much detail as possible, and there will probably be petition drives, lobbying, etc. 

Thank You.

 Joe Rammell, New Day Cannabis, 425-681-2285 (text is best).